“Then Jesus declared, I am the bread of life.”

john 6:35


Worship Services

We offer two sunday service times.

Our services are at 9am and 11am on Sundays. The sermon is the same, however the styles of worship are different.

The 9 AM Service is offered in a more traditional style. It hosts familiar hymns and praise choruses, along with responsive readings and prayers. Also, it features varied special ministry through song, solos from church musicians, or our Joyful Morning Choir.

The 11 AM New Song Service, features a three-piece professional band, with worship singers, and is generally more up-tempo. This service hosts a more contemporary vibe than the traditional 9am service. In both Sunday services, we strive to provide a welcoming, uplifting and relaxed environment.

There is an opportunity for fellowship between the two services at 10am in the Rainbow Room, Suite 303.


We come from all walks of life.


Our Worship Style

Everyone is welcome to participate in our worship experience.

We believe in the "priesthood of all believers", which means that our unique gifts can build up and give strength to all who come to service. It is not just clergy who are leaders in the church, but also everyday individuals. What binds us together as a church is the idea that we are all welcome at God’s table and a willingness to journey together in open dialogue.

MCC promotes the use of inclusive language which enhances and extends our understanding of God's many names. Wherever possible, song verses and Scripture have been made inclusive. Many times, we will use non-gendered pronouns in reference to humanity.

We have something for everyone.

Many components of our worship services may be familiar to you. Some features include singing, prayer, taking an offering, and a sermon. Also, we offer communion at every service. Some mainline churches offer communion only quarterly or once a month, however, we want to make sure anyone who joins us for church service has an opportunity to receive communion. Not only that, our communion table is open to everyone. There are no requirements or limitations. We celebrate communion with wafers and grape juice. God welcomes all with open arms, and so do we!


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